The Best Use of A Coffee Table

No, I’m not talking about Rowan Atkinson, although I admit I giggle at the Johnny English Reborn trailers.  I’m actually talking about puzzles!  The thing is I love puzzles but it’s always for later.  As in, for that elusive weekend that we’re snowed in with absolutely nothing to do but sit at the table and do a puzzle.  But it never happens.  So, I picked up this puzzle from Goodwill.  It was risky that a piece or 500 would be missing but it was taped shut so I took a chance.

So I informed everyone that the coffee table would not be used for drinks or feet for awhile, and we opened it up.  And it ROCKED!  iPods were hardly touched and family members kept drifting back to the coffee table to work together.  And you see first hand that everyone has their own methods for putting together a puzzle… of course, they are all wrong and I am right (come on! outside pieces first!), but that’s not the point.

The point is it’s fun.  And you focus really hard on puzzle pieces and you don’t realize… that someone …. is about… to sneak up and… make you laugh.

And when people come over they just can’t help but reach out and join the fun.  And you talk longer and feel awesome when you find the right piece!

I’m convinced it’s the best use of a coffee table… because let’s face it – coffee doesn’t last long enough in my house to set it down on a table!



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