The Celebration of ME

Today, we could have been celebrating National Vinegar Day… we could have been celebrating WORLD juggling day (we will do this, just later), but instead we celebrated ME!  Today was my 第三十五 birthday.  Oops, must have accidentally changed languages for a second . . . oh well.

Anyway, it was the best celebration of me that I’ve ever had . . . until I noticed that my husband had to buy TWO boxes of candles for my cake!!!!

But oh my the cake was delicious, so then I forgave him. It was CHOCOLATE FUDGE cake! Need I say more?

I could brag about how awesome my day was and include a play by play of the killer family laser tag game (let’s just say Mike & I got skills), but instead I’ll talk about some of the goals I have for next year:

I want to try square foot gardening. Anyone done that? I’ve heard it makes it extra easy for kids to get excited to garden themselves. We’ll see.

I also want to learn how to drive a stick shift. (Commence praying for my husband who doesn’t know until reading this that he shall be the teacher.)

And there’s more but that’s all for tonight… there’s more cake in the fridge! shhh….

I’ll leave you with a picture of me, years ago, celebrating national fishing month:



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