The Dog Waiter

We had a problem.  The kids kept accidentally kicking over or stepping in the dog’s water.  Inspired by a homemade dog castle and royal dog feeding station found in the pages of an old Family Fun Magazine, we went to work.

We took an old box that was big enough to fit the two dog bowls and cut out two holes so that the bowls would fit in them nicely.

Sugar instantly liked it but she seemed to be saying, “Are you sure you’re done?”

We took the hint, and Anabelle set to work to make it look nicer.

Sugar felt the need to oversee.  Anything involving the future of her food she takes very seriously.

And then the waiting for the paint to dry…. Family Fun suggests using a shelf liner on the top but we didn’t have that on hand so the paint will just have to do.  Be patient, Sugar.

Yay!  Everyone is happy and no one is stepping in water bowls anymore!



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