The Great Pudding Debate

According to Disney, I somehow missed Make A Pie Day last week.  Outrageous!  I would have loved that holiday.

Yet, I maintain that if it’s not listed in the official Chase Calendar of Events then there are probably ten other Make A Pie Days, as there are for National Chocolate Day or any other fill-in-the-blank Day listed on a Facebook status. Go ahead, look up National Chocolate Day and see how many you come up with.

Sorry. Tangent.

Anyway, official or not, I was looking in my pantry and saw this:

In my house there is a great pudding debate. Chocolate or Vanilla.  So when pudding goes on sale (with coupon) I get both since our family is split down the middle.

I also like pudding pops – the swirl kind.

Hmm.  Pudding. Pie. Pudding Pops.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?   Yep.  I mixed it all up (didn’t use as much milk), threw it in the crust, and threw it in the freezer!

Took it out to start thawing before I started on dinner.

I LOVED the response.  And from now on, if I have dessert to serve… I’ve decided to set it out right as that 430/5oclock crabby hour rolls around for kiddos.

“What’s that?”  each kid asked with a little gasp after each word.  And each time I answered, “It’s yummy goodness for children who obey and are nice to each other.”

I like leverage.

And the pie was good, real good.  The pudding debate has ended.

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