The Santa Game

For those of you with lined detachable fur rims on the hoods of your coats, we have a game for you!

My daughter discovered this when someone attempted to play a prank by pulling the fur right off her hood.  Instead, only 3 snaps popped and my quick thinking daughter said, “Ho Ho Ho!” resulting in her classmates developing a fit of giggles.

But then they discovered it was a fun twist on tag.  The one with the fur down is Santa who tries to gather all his reindeer! Bonus points if you can call them by name.  A perfect winter backyard game. With dwindling daylight hours, my daughter gets major mom points for coming up with a way to get all her energy out before coming inside.

This game might have been, in part, inspired by us renting Arthur Christmas.  Have you seen it?  We loved it!  I won’t mind seeing it again closer to Christmas. Until then, happy reindeer catching!

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