The Ultimate Animal Hospital

Once upon a time, my eldest daughter owned a magnificent lion. As the daughter grew older, though, she realized the lion would be happier with a younger owner and she graciously bestowed Mufasa to her youngest sibling.
This youngest daughter loved Mufasa dearly and often gave him big hugs…which is how she noticed that he had a very hard and large lump in the back of his head.  Now, I will turn the post over to our guest author, my youngest daughter:

So I brought my dear lion down the stairs and asked mom to fix it. That’s when I remembered a secret my older sibling had told me… “I wrote a diary, finished it, and decided to hide it by sealing it inside his head.”

Mom couldn’t believe it!  So Mom called my sister, and said, “If you don’t get this diary out of this poor lion’s head, I’ll do it myself and read it!”

So my sister came and she cut the lion’s head and got her diary out.  BUT it left a huge hole in the lion’s head and had flattened his brain.  So I decided I needed to do brain surgery!  Luckily we stored stuffed animal brains in the closet*.

This was the beginning of my new career, Caring Paws Vet.

On day one of my new career, I decided it would be best to keep track of all my new patients and their appointments, so I kept track of it in a notebook.  I told them what it would cost first (my mom wishes real doctors would do that!), and I had a full waiting room.

First up, this patient was blind.  It was a challenging case.  I decided to make a special formula of eye drops to wash out this blindness disease. After that she could see a little but not very well.  I had an idea!  Glasses!  As fast as I could, I whipped up a cute pair of spectacles.

This patient was half deaf in both ears.  Another great idea!  Hearing aides.  I whipped up a pair as fast as I could.  (The Caring Paws Vet really has to know how to make everything!)

Being a vet isn’t all about treatment.  I get a lot of patients with stomach aches.  So, I put up this sign to teach them that butter is not good for them, but their food and their healthy treats are very good.  If they obey this sign, this would let me get to the patients who really need me faster.

I hope this post inspires you to design your own Animal Hospital.

-Anabelle, Caring Paws Vet

*Stuffed animal brains = leftover snow blanket from Christmas!

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