The Ultimate Science Guy

If you are a parent, a teacher, or just a person who likes cool stuff then it’s our opinion that you MUST be a fan of Steve Spangler.  He is the ultimate fun science resource.  As science fair season gets in full swing, we pour over his experiments and brainstorm. (We can’t wait to reveal what Sam is doing for his science project!)

For this week’s What We’re Watching Wednesday, we wanted to share 3 youtube channels that Spangler hosts that we think you should subscribe.  We have no ties to Steve Spangler, we just think he rocks the mostest, thought that way before Ellen discovered his awesomeness, and think you should try his science fun as a family too!

First channel:  Steve Spangler Science

This channel brings you a short and sweet new experiment each week. This is the one we’ll watch tonight:

Next channel:  SteveSpanglerTV

This was how we first discovered Spangler.  He does news bits with a news station. Very fun.I’ll be showing this one tonight:

Finally, Steve just recently started his own Webshow that dives deep into experiments and science topics. The channel is called The Spangler Effect

The first episode we will be watching is all about flying film canisters and rockets. Should be fun!

Enjoy! What is YOUR family watching? I’ve always got my eye out for cool, family-friendly stuff! Do share!

4 comments to The Ultimate Science Guy

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    I had not heard of Steve Spangler! We’re still a little way away from the fun science projects with the kids’ ages (but I can’t wait because I love that stuff!) Thanks!

  • Momofthree

    Thanks for the great links! We are working on our summer to do list (we start early). Last year we had weekly art projects on the list and this year I was thinking of adding weekly science experiments now that the kids are a bit older. Lots of great simple ideas here!

    I wanted to add that I just saw the Ivory soap experiment on another blog and she had a great idea of what to do with the exploded soap. You let the kids break it all apart in big bowls then mix in just enough water to let it stick together then have the kids push into cookie cutters and let harden so they have made their own shaped soaps. I can’t remember which blog I saw that on but will come back if I can find it….

  • The Pepperrific Life

    That reminds me of Mr. Wizard’s World. I used to love watching that as a kid. I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve heard of Steve Spangler. It’s good to know that there’s a fun and educational show out there for kids- and parents- to enjoy.

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