The Week Before Break

It seems like the week before a school break is always nuts and this week has been no exception.

But here are a few things we’ve been messing with that you’ll be hearing about later:

Remember the tea tags last year?  I loved the idea but it was a lot of work!  And I wanted something personalized but fun for the kids in Sam’s class to do.  So I tried to do bookmarks and it was so fun to make which translates into a perfect Christmas project for kiddos!  I’ll post a tutorial of doing it with color pics soon!

We’ve been working on making our own Harry Potter wands with a dowel and hot glue.  It’s been done by plenty but we’re really trying to focus on making an authentic look with different washes of brown paints.  We’re not done, but it’s fun to mess around!

And finally, since they-who-wish-not-to-be-named left a bunch of watermarks on my end tables, I am trying to make coasters.  I saw a bunch of cute scrabble coasters on Etsy, but I’m trying to make our own! (You can find lots of Scrabble games at Goodwill for a buck or less!)  A few adhesives I thought would work weren’t ideal so we’re still messing around… the fun part is picking out the words to put together.  I think I like five-letter words better anyway like Mocha, Grande, Latte…

For some reason an espresso is sounding really good right about now.

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