Then and Now

The baton has been passed down. 
Last year I used to announce what ‘day’ it was to the kids in the morning and we’d plot how to celebrate.  Now Sam, after receiving an almanac  for Christmas, checks each evening to see what bizarre holiday we’ll be observing. 

Yesterday, he didn’t tell me the holiday, he just made it obvious as he kept holding his hand out for a handshake at each store we visited on our errands.  That, and he emailed everyone including me ‘Happy Handshake Day!’

So, last night he let me know we’d be celebrating Camera Day!  The kids and I already take a lot of pictures, but we were reminded of a certain camera that sits and gathers dust. While it doesn’t take the best daytime photos, it is waterproof!  So today, on Camera Day (and Flashback Friday), we recreated some underwater photos from 2007!

Do you try to recreate photos and compare?

Try it.  A five year difference minimum.

Then you can join me in freaking out at how much everyone has grown. Happy Camera Day!

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  • Kristen @ TeachingStars

    I just got all melancholy while looking through pictures of my kids from just two years ago. I can’t imagine how misty-eyed I would get looking at a 5 year span. Neat idea though. I can’t wait to try!

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