I recently read a few articles that all seemed to say the same thing:  employers tire of workers who don’t think for themselves.  The articles offered a lot of criticism and blamed our education system for producing those who do what they’re told instead of self-starter innovative thinkers.

Well, I don’t know where these kids are who don’t think for themselves.  Because my kids do.  Too much so maybe.

For instance, the school is having a contest to see which class can do the most laps during recesses over the last few months.  It’s supposed to be voluntary.  It’s called Pacers.  Anabelle’s teacher insists that each class member do a minimum of one lap before playing anything else.  Sam’s class is allowed to choose.  I see the point – they want to encourage exercise, make it fun, with a little friendly competition thrown in.

The prize?  An extra recess.

Enter my son:

At first I was pushing him to do it, until he explained his thoughts on the subject:

“So, they want us to spend all of our recesses running around a track when we could be using our imaginations and coming up with awesome games?  And the prize is an extra recess?  That’s just reimbursing us one recess.  We don’t get all the others back.”  He shrugged. “If they really wanted us to use our recesses like that they should’ve thought of a better prize.”

I admit, I hadn’t looked at it that way.  He’s got a good point.

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