Tie-Dyed Milk!!!

So, celebrating National Chemistry Week, we tie-dyed milk!  Check it out, it was fun!

Find out why the soap played tag with the food coloring in the milk.  Do it yourselves!  Steve recommends whole milk, though. We used what was in the house – 2 percent, so yours might look even cooler!

Then, after tie-dyed milk, I  felt like granola.  What can I say? I like themes.

I’ve been making these granola bars. Saves money and is healthier and we love the recipe! I use cashews instead of peanuts and sometimes skip the raisins.  You can also skip the chocolate topping and crumble into some yogurt for an awesome dessert or breakfast! Yum.

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1 comment to Tie-Dyed Milk!!!

  • Susan

    That looks like so much fun! Color Changing Milk is one of my favorite experiments. Thank you for featuring Steve Spangler’s experiment for Chemistry Week.

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