Too Well to Go to School Day

Take a time machine back 16 years with me and you’ll find a couple, still considered newlyweds, sitting at a ministry conference.  Neither of them can remember the topic of the talk or even the name of the speaker, but they remember one piece of advice the speaker gave: “Have too-well-to-go-to-school-days with your kids. It’s a super easy way to make them feel special and get one-on-one time with them.”

Yeah, yeah, that couple was us.  We never forgot that piece of advice and we’re so glad!  So once a year, usually around the child’s birthday, we take them out of school and spend the entire day together.  I’ve heard lots of arguments against this practice, but I can argue right back against each one of them, so I won’t even go there. (Feel free to email if you’d like to discuss, though.)

Bottom line: if you are able to take a personal day for each of your children, we highly suggest it.

Yesterday was Sam’s birthday. What a fabulous day with him!   (Here’s a bonus for having a too-well day on a birthday. So much free stuff to do!!!)

Chuck E Cheese gave him 35 tokens for free. We didn’t eat there, we just played and had a great time.

Afterwards, we met his dad for a quick lunch break.  Followed by the next free event:

Free bowling and shoe rental on your birthday!  I let Sam know that I wasn’t planning to bowl, just watch and cheer for him – I think he liked that even better!

We had a host of free kids’ meals to choose from (so many places do this!) but since we weren’t that hungry in 92 degree weather, he opted for his free ice cream:

Afterwards, we went home and hung out for a bit before his siblings came home.  An awesome day for both of us!

Sam asked if he could have a storebought cake for his actual birthday and homemade fancy birthday cupcakes for his Angry Birds party.  Guess what he picked out for his store-bought cake?

A box of Swiss Cake rolls!  That’s got to be the easiest, cheapest birthday cake ever. Kids loved it!  The fabulous day ended with the obligatory viewing of baby pics and present opening.

His uncle sent him something amazing yet dangerous (to his parents).  But that’s for another post…


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6 comments to Too Well to Go to School Day

  • Joan

    Don’t leave us hanging!

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    Yea! What a terrific day out!

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    I see how it could cause a debate, but I think the one on one time is so important and has invaluable returns. Great minds must think alike because we were just at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday!! Love how you got all the birthday deals too!

  • Ness @ One Perfect Day

    I love this! I was only just thinking today that I need to start once a month “Mummy and R” dates with my son and then I came across your post. When my son begins school we will definitely be practising “too well for school” days! Thanks for sharing this. :)

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