Tourist for a Day

We’ve moved around quite a bit over the years, and a favorite thing to do is to act like a tourist for a day! We find that many locals never do the things that tourists do, and we say “Why Not?!”  I highly encourage checking out a tour guide book of the area you live in . . . you’re likely to find some surprises, like we did!

This weekend we celebrated candy because . . . well, do we need a reason?

We visited a soda fountain shop with old fashioned jars of candy behind the counter.  If kids point at which jars they most like and tell the employee they want to only spend a dollar, the employee figures out the rest for you.  Our children LOVED spending a buck of their own money this way!  Anabelle enjoyed ‘clown fish.’

And then, of course, the trading and bartering that happened at home . . .

Mike and I held out for the best tourist visit . . .  a Culinary Institute of America graduate opened a Chocolat Bar.

The kids each chose a truffle to eat at the ‘bar.’  Katarina pointed to her choice . . . “Could I have one of …THOSE?”

“The Nipples of Venus?” the cashier asked. (Commence snickering from the two youngest…. then of course, they ALL had to choose that one just to say they did!)

Sam spent a little of his hard earned moola to bring home some mint chocolate bark. He said it was delicious. I wouldn’t know because he wouldn’t let ANYONE try it.

Of course, I couldn’t blame him.  I purchased some dark chocolate chili-infused pistachio bark to save for a romantic date.

It’s safe to say that I like playing tourist for a day.

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