Yesterday was Humiliation Day so I was forbidden to step near the computer lest I post some embarrassing story about one of my family members… like how they fell asleep in class and the teacher told them to stand up and go in the hall before they broke their neck… Wait! That was me.  Still ranks as one of my many embarrassing moments.

Anyway, Sam and Anabelle discuss many topics over breakfast, including what they’re learning in school.  Today fit well as it was trivia day.

“Did you know that lead is poisonous?”  Sam asked his sister.

She looked up.

“Yep. We’ve been learning about it in school.  They had to start using new paint and everything because of lead poisoning.”  Sam looked right at me.  “I’m hoping no.2 is not poisonous at all.”

“What?”  I asked, confused.

“Well they always tell us to get NUMBER TWO lead pencils – everyone probably died from Number one.”

“No,”  I said, catching on.  “The lead in a pencil isn’t really lead at all… it’s graphite.  I don’t know why they call it no.2 pencils.”

Sam looked down at his breakfast and mumbled, “So they just wanted to scare us…”

I have some research to do on pencil lead tonight.

Fitting for National Trivia Day.

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