True Confessions

Today we’ll be working on our Leprechaun Trap and making sure any green clothing is clean for the big day tomorrow!

Yesterday, though, was True Confessions Day and I’ve just been hesitating to share…

The kids like to prank me.

It’s true.

And I like to play along. Until, that is, it gets annoying. It’s a very fine line.

So, on Monday, the kids were playing outside, blowing bubbles and riding scooters and such.  They’d also been in quite the silly mood.  So, Anabelle bangs on the front picture window and shows me her large bubble, and immediately the doorbell rings.  I’m thinking that the kids are working together to prank me.

So, with two dirty dishes in one hand (as I’m cleaning up after dinner), I scrunch down, whip open the door with a silly expression on my face.  I’m sure I looked a little like this:

Only to find a very startled man at my doorstep who was quickly taking steps backward.  “Um, sorry to bother you, ma’am…”

I stood up, smiled, answered his question, then proceeded to close the door, let my cheeks flame and decide never to assume its my kids at the door again!

I consoled myself that I wouldn’t see the man again.

EXCEPT, yesterday I was driving home from picking up the kids and he was walking on the sidewalk in a different area of the subdivision. He recognized me and looked scared!  Oh dear…

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