Unique School Lunches

My kids love the sack lunch.  They don’t love the same lunch week after week.  And I don’t love being in the kitchen which means . . . they have to come up with their own ideas.  The first couple of weeks, my son decided the most efficient means of making his lunch was to make 4 pb &j sandwiches, and do the ‘crustables‘ method.

“Why only 4 sandwiches?”

“Wait and see, Mom.  Wait and see.”

Except, I had 2 other kiddos demanding attention and I forgot to see what he did.  Then, this Sunday night, he decided he was going to make 4 turkey and avocado sandwiches.  I didn’t object, and I didn’t think to watch until he said, “Mom! I think this recipe is blog worthy.”

“What . . .wait! Sam, you can’t use the crustables method with a turkey/avocado sandwich!”

“Wait and see, Mom. Wait and see.”

This time I did.

And inwardly I was freaking out about all the wasted food!  Except, he really only did make 4 sandwiches…

“See, Mom, I call this the blob sandwich.  I take all the crusts and blob them together for Monday’s lunch!”

And I died laughing while he packaged and froze the other 4 sandwiches . . .

because, well â€” if you don’t mind any questioning looks while you eat a blob sandwich— it’s brilliant.  And efficient.

Yes, this is the same boy who has a love/hate relationship with the Popular Science magazine.  He reads each month’s issue, and each month, at some point, I hear him growl then say, “Just great. Another idea bites the dust” followed by the sound of the magazine hitting the wall.  One of these days, I’m sure, he’ll make some of his ideas reality before someone else.

Innovative thinkers… I’m telling you, it all starts with school lunch.

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