Unusual Memorization Tactics

I’ve written many times on our family’s journey of reading the Bible together in a year. And then, at the beginning of the summer I announced our intention of memorizing James together. And we started off really well.

Of course, the first four verses were super easy because hubby had, years ago, written a song that made it easy to memorize. And then after that… well, summer happened. And we haven’t been consistent at our memorization plan.

So this week I decided we needed to do something drastic to get us in the memorizing groove. You know, like boot camp. Except fun. And when I decide to do something drastic, while trying to be fun… well, the results are often INTERESTING:

This was inspired by people putting verses on their mirrors.  But that easily starts to go unnoticed, so…  toilet paper verses!  Except, as you can clearly see, everyone wanted to keep reading and toilet paper went too fast.

So I decided to get more practical and make the verses themed!  Themed verses could go so many places around the house!

Did you know there are like 25 verses about vomit?  Who knew?!

Except, judging by the reactions I don’t think the family members appreciated my tactics:

I’ll spare you the 8×10 pic of me with a speech bubble reciting the honor your father and mother verse. I thought it’d go really well attached to the inside of their backpacks.  ( ;

I can tell you this – the kids certainly remember these verses!  And, as a side bonus, hubby decided to take me out to dinner.  Apparently he thought I needed to get out more.  Don’t know how he arrived at that conclusion…

And while most of this post is pure silliness, I’d really like to know your methods and tactics on memorizing as a family.  Do share!


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4 comments to Unusual Memorization Tactics

  • Joan W

    I really want to know what the verse on the toilet paper was!

  • Cathie J

    Clever idea. Those little notes are sure helpful for reminding and giving opportunities to remember.
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  • Elisa | blissfulE

    Your son’s reaction to the carsick bag killed me!!! Tooooo funny!

    For memorizing, we read a passage about 8 verses long twice each morning out loud before breakfast for about half a month. For the second half of the month, we’ll read it out loud one time, and the kids will say it out loud with us the second time. By the end of the month, almost everyone in the family can recite the verses (ages 3, 4, 5).

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