We Said It Couldn’t Be Done

The first house we purchased came with a hot tub in an enclosed deck.  We could not believe we owned a hot tub!

We also couldn’t believe we owned no furniture.   And with three small children, we decided furniture would be more important than a hot tub.  Except that the deck was built AROUND the hot tub.  So getting it out… well, along with others I said it just couldn’t be done.

Certain members of my family hear those words and grin at the challenge.  My husband and father-in-law cut out the glass door of the deck and got that hot tub out.  And my hubby grinned for months every time he sat down on the couch and chair purchased from the hot tub sale.

Enter Sugar.  Oh, she may look tough and she puts up with a lot from the kids. But deep down, she’s a scaredy cat.  She knows all the basic tricks and walks nicely with us daily.  Yet, she’s never ever gone near storm drains.


She won’t even enter the house unless you open the door twice the width of her body.  And we’ve had her since a puppy and never hurt her by slamming the door on her, I promise!


Everyone (except Anabelle) tried to get her to jump through a hoop.  And our doggy was too scared.  Until we told Anabelle it couldn’t be done.

Yeah, the dog wasn’t interested.

So Anabelle left the hoop on the ground and wouldn’t relent any treats until Sugar walked through.

So Anabelle lifted the hoop just a bit.  And Sugar would ONLY stick her head in.  Give me the treats, kid.

Frustrated, Anabelle was about to throw in the hoop like the rest of us.  Until… “I have an idea!”

She got Sugar’s favorite squeaky toy out.  Sugar tried running behind Anabelle, doing fake-out moves to try to get that toy. Anabelle would not relent.  But even she was surprised when…

Sugar actually did it!  I love the look on her face!

And Sugar jumped through that hoop again, and again, and again!  I was reminded, once again, that out of the box thinking really does have it’s advantages.

And watch out, because the whole family is inspired by this dog’s tricks.

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