Weaving and Teachers

According to the United Nations, it’s World Teachers Day.  I wish I would’ve looked ahead on the calendar a bit, and made some fancy popcorn treats to give teachers.  Alas, I didn’t, but given that all the teachers I know are accessible via email, I challenge you all to send a little thank you their way today.  (Often their email address is accessible via school websites.)

My guess is some of them don’t even know about World Teacher Day!

And if you are homeschooling, please make yourself a cup of java or tea and relax for at least 15 minutes, imagining very nice emails from your grown up children.

It’s also Spinning and Weaving Week.

Given my failures at sewing –namely, I break the sewing machine every time I touch it (not kidding)– I wasn’t sure I’d even attempt celebrating anything about this week, until I remember those loom and weave potholders!

Hey, I can do those! Besides, we need more potholders anyway!

Then, I found this awesome craft to make a placemat with paper.  My kids are going to enjoy this one. Hope yours do too!

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