Weekend Edition: NFL Anniversary, Pirate Talking, Eating Apples

Get ready for a fun weekend!  I’m giving you a little heads up:

Sunday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Why the heads up?  Use your imaginations! You could have so much fun with this day.

For instance, I dare you to talk like a pirate at church… meet someone new that day… have your kids ‘try out’ if they really want to be a pirate for trick-or-treat by letting them get fully dressed up… have a pirate party (any excuse for themed parties is a good excuse).

But the best part, ladies, is that my man shall address me as “me beauty.”   No, not “wench” unless he wants to sleep on the poop deck.

Just kidding.


The history behind this holiday, is, I think hilarious… and educational for my kids. It was just a bunch of guys who thought it’d be hilarious to have such a day.  They picked a day out of thin air, and tried to get their friends to follow along.  Until, one fateful day, they got Dave Barry’s email and got him on board.  Dave published a column and bam! the power of the humorous pen– it suddenly became a celebrated holiday around the WORLD… especially on college campuses.

So, join the fun, matey!

While you’re prepping your pirate lingo, consider finding some yummy apple recipes for International Eat an Apple Day.  The story behind this holiday basically boils down to — it’s apple season! yay!  And, it’s an excuse to serve up some Good Eats at your pirate family meal.  Alton does a good job in the science of an apple pie.

What about today? Well, for you sports fans, today marks the anniversary of the National Football League, formed in 1920.
I’m fully aware that I’m the wrong person to discuss sports history as I’ve been known to refer to a practice as a ‘rehearsal.’ Still, I can truly enjoy these best plays/ and funny clips:

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