WEEKEND EDITION: One-Hit Wonders, Newspapers,

On Saturday, it’s National One Hit Wonder Day! Phineas and Ferb had a whole episode on becoming a one hit wonder.

Wouldn’t it be fun to find some of those hits and have family karaoke?

I found a list of one hit wonders that included that song, “Funky Town” by a group called Lipps Inc. (say it like lipsync).

The kids should recognize this song since Alvin & the Chipmunks did a remake, but I found out this hit the top of the charts between 79 and 80. Maybe the reason this group didn’t last was because it was one guy, one gal, and the rest were ever changing session musicians. Who knows? But if you remember the song enough, do some karaoke with the kids. Here’s the video:

I was surprised to find that the earliest American newspaper wasn’t from the Franklin brothers, who stirred up quite a bit of trouble with their newsprints in the early seventeen hundreds. But before that, a man named Benjamin Harris put a newspaper together in 1690. Only the authorities in Boston instantly became offended and ordered him to shut it down. Thus, there was only one edition.

My husband and I both have a fondness for newspapers, although, we can both admit that we only get the city newspaper on Sunday, and we justify the subscription because of coupons. We both worked as journalists and editors during our school years, and I took it a step farther. When I was in fifth grade, a group of my friends put together our own newspaper. I was in charge of beauty and comics. I loved it!

I believe my advice included wearing blue eyeliner, lip gloss, and curling your hair while it was up in a ponytail.
Yeah, it was pretty sorry, but we had such fun with it! As I am a colossal fan of the Baby Blues Comic Strips (we own all the treasury books), my children are interested in the art of comic strips as well.

So I think we’ll put together a Family Newspaper that can include all the goings-on in and around the household. It should be relatively fun since we have our handy-dandy Apple computer. Have you have ever tried the Comic applications? We could even take pictures of ourselves and turn it into a comic strip!
Let me know if your family does a family newspaper. If nothing else, it’ll make great dinner conversation finding out what would go in such a newspaper and what the kids think about how they shut down the first American newspaper.

I have to tell my kiddos about this one: Today in 1513, a Spanish conquistador stood on top of a mountain and being the first European to see it, “claimed it.”

I have this image of a guy—and I know this is wrong but amuse me—seeing the ocean and saying, “Ha! I found an ocean! Finders Keepers, Losers, Weepers.”

How exactly do you claim an ocean?

Well this guy claimed it for Spain and named it the South Sea. Bummer for him, the water extends WAY up North too. But countries actually did claim oceans. In fact, it wasn’t until 1982 that the United Nations managed to get a signed treaty of Law of the Sea. I find this bizarre and interesting. We’ll see if the kids think so too or if they’ll just yawn.

And, let’s not forget about Sunday.

It’s EVERYBODY’S DAY!!!!   Okay, actually this is listed as a holiday but really it’s just a festival in North Carolina… or should I say an excuse for a festival?  Either way, I love the idea.

Because I don’t know about you, but it’s been




And I’m worn out. So Sunday I’m proclaiming it to be EVERYBODY’S DAY which means take care of yourselves, take care of your own things.  It’s everybody’s day, so make your fun happen without mom’s help, because mom desperately needs a nap.

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