What A Day

It’s been one of those kind of days.  The kind of day where everything seems to go wrong or badly and the schedule is too busy to slow down.  Then, if you’re like me, and you take your eldest to the orthodontist, you see the old-fashioned arcade and you decide a little old-fashioned game of Galaga might snap you out of your funk.

And it works. You get so absorbed in shooting those nasty alien-termite-looking things.  You look back at your daughter, who is looking on, only to find her not there.  Not anywhere in the waiting room.  And you realize that you were so engrossed in Galaga that your daughter is already sitting in the orthodontist chair getting worked on, without you. Just a little embarrassing.

It was quite the day.  And then I spotted this at my youngest’s place at the table.  I love the last item on her agenda.  I think it’s a great way to head off the grumps.  I’m going to write my own agenda with item #8 included.

#9 will be “finish the day with some dark chocolate”

Yeah, that’s my kind of agenda.

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