What I’ve Learned –Week 10

I’ve learned that you probably should go back to bed when you’re frantically searching for your purse, and it’s been on your shoulder the whole time. That, or you have too much shoulder padding in your coat.

One child asked to roll down the window. I obliged but looked at  the temp and saw it was only 50 degrees.  Surely they weren’t hot.  Before I could ask, my child says, “The average person passes gas three times a day.”

They clearly have mastered the art of subtlety.

That I’m inspired to greatness when I see greatness.

That maybe God created the Earth full of beauty, creativity, humor, struggle, and wonder, not just as a gift to our senses, but also to inspire us.

This week is National Don’t Text and Drive Week.  They should add don’t text and bicycle. Or don’t text and skateboard, or motorbike, or … you get the idea.  We see a lot of that in the ‘burbs.  However, the campaign around here has involved sticking banners into the ground that are very hard to read. And, if you’re driving, and trying to read it . . . well, I don’t see that it’s much better than texting.  They need to rethink that one.

It’s National Game and Puzzle Week

Given that last week had National Game Day, it seems a bit much, but I will admit that I need a push to pull out the board games.  The kids, however, do not.  And they love that kind of family time.

Inspired by this, Million Minute is an organization challenging families to play 20 minutes of a non-electronic game a week. They send you a kit for signing up to the free challenge and, if you’re interested, their site documents the history of board games. (I like knowing that kind of stuff.)

During the weekend, everyone was feeling a bit stir crazy from the weather.  So, we had a tournament.  Something we hadn’t done in a long time.

Rules:  You have to stand up to play your opponent.  And, don’t knock anyone over.

We played Wii boxing, and Wii Tennis.

I thought the kids were going to die laughing.

We didn’t know that Katarina videotaped Mike & I.

I burned the videos — not onto a DVD, but burned, as in, they are no more.

But a few still shots remained.

Clearly, I belong in action movies.

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