What I’ve Learned — Week 11

That a week goes by fast.

That no one was ready for the break to end.

Katarina said that the first day back all the teachers in each class immediately assigned work and then gave them time to do it. She mused that the teachers must use that method to give themselves time to ‘wake up and get used to teaching again.’

That I wish I had more pecan pie.

It’s good that I don’t.  That I’d probably be just fine if I went back to my weight loss method in college–which was, as soon as I feel satisfied put away my plate then come back to the table to chat, thus not being tempted to keep eating!

That my pants really want me to start doing that again.

That when no one else feels like dancing, all you need is a good set of mirrors to have your own party.

I already knew this, but Anabelle gave me a great reminder…. so great, that I had to join her.

It was rocking.

The science center probably isn’t the place to decide to have your own impromptu party.

Although, if we had organized it and made it ‘seem’ impromptu, it’d probably have been okay.

That Katarina wants to organize such things when she ‘grows up’:

We told her it’s never too early to start!
Today is the anniversary of the Joy of Cooking book. First published in 1931, this book is listed by Time as one of the 150 most influential books. The website lets you enter an ingredient and provides recipes. That’s on our to do list today!

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4 comments to What I’ve Learned — Week 11

  • Cindy

    Awesome video! Love it! And great pictures of Anabelle dancing. But where are you in the pictures?!? :)

  • MamaKalee

    Amazing video. Jonah was singing along, “lujah, lujah.” When it was finished he begged, “do it ‘gin, do it ‘gin, peas?” While I’m not a singer or a dancer, I’d would love to be surrounded by a flash mob some day! Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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