What I’ve Learned — Week 12

That Anabelle apparently thought our nativity scene was too sparse.  I went downstairs and found this:

It made my day.

I’ve learned that my eldest daughter is full of surprises.  Here’s what I found as I approached the house after walking the dog.

I took the dog inside, and pulled Mike outside to show him.  He surprised me by pulling me into a passionate embrace.  Inside I heard a voice say, “Oh come on!”

(snicker.)  I don’t think Kat will be watching me again.

I’ve learned that it’s cold.

I dislike walking the dog in the cold.  But I’ve also learned to look ahead in the forecast for hope – 40 degree days coming!

That I’m a wimp with unplowed roads combined with city traffic.

That in a city, if I’m unhappy with something, that most likely a bunch of other people are too and I don’t necessarily have to go into activist mode.

For instance, on the snow day, I mentioned that the district pulled out their new emergency alert system and I got called… twice.  The first time at 545 a.m. and it was in Spanish.  The second time at 6:15a.m.  I promptly emailed the superintendant that I wanted my phone number removed from their alert system and they could email me instead if they wanted. Otherwise, I knew how to check the normal media for school closings, thank you very much.

That night the district website said that every family got called at 545 a.m. in Spanish.  Katarina’s school alone has 1000 students. There are 40 schools in the district.

It’s kind of a funny thought.  Everyone getting woken up to a Spanish computerized voice, followed half an hour later by English.   I can laugh about it now.  Especially since the website said they’d no longer be using the phone alert system but email or use the news instead.

That I actually loved the snow day.

That it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas is approaching.  I haven’t figured out why yet.

That I like starting sentences with ‘that.’

That is all.

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