What I’ve Learned–Week 13

I missed Cat Herder’s Day! It was yesterday. While we no longer own cats, it just sounded like a fun day to celebrate. Sigh.
Instead we’ll just watch this:

I’ve learned that not much goes on with ‘special days’ in December and that’s probably a good thing, because the upcoming holidays, concerts, and all that goes with it are enough work in the first place.

That I can’t think of anything family fun related to the South Pole being discovered or the anniversary of George Washington’s death. But I find the facts that surround those two events interesting.

That I’m never out of new ideas like starting new exercise routines at night for the family.

That some routines are meant to be. Case in point: We had a hectic night after a Christmas program and we skipped the evening workout to get everyone in bed faster. The next day, as we walked the dog, my husband sighed… loudly. “I sleep better after the workout,” he admitted.  I love when a plan comes together.

That most people don’t enjoy their picture being taken when exercising, but sometimes they’re sweet enough to let you post it anyway.

That I have ideas very similar to Frankie in the show, The Middle – the good ideas, not the bad ones.

That when I have JUST told the kids we’re going to have a ‘simple Christmas’, that I should screen the episode of The Middle before watching it with them.

If you’ve seen the “Simple Christmas” episode you’ll understand why my kids are now smiling broadly… no matter how much I insist that THAT wasn’t what I meant and I had no idea what the show would be about.

That some traditions, like looking at Christmas lights, never get old.

This one changes and gets a little better with more synchronized songs as the month goes on! The kids love it!

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