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What I’ve Learned: Week 3

My kids’ skit about How Real Monsters Trick or Treat is being featured on PopTarts right now.  Give it a click . We hope you can giggle with us.  If it wasn’t for Keeping Kids Creative Week, we wouldn’t have done this!

This week I’ve learned that I’m calm in a crisis, and frantic AFTERWARDS.

A neighborhood girl banged on my door declaring, “Your son is covered in blood! He’s covered in blood!”

My son and daughter were coming home from school at that time, so I turned, grabbed a roll of paper towels and started running.  Other neighborhood kids said, “You going to see your son? He sure is bloody.”

My thoughts raced to worse scenarios and I went faster, but stayed calm.

Turned out he had tripped HARD which resulted in a bloody nose, a skinned knee, and lots of blood.

I stayed calm, got him home and into the bath, and after fully determining the wounds minor, freaked out. My imagination is a powerful thing and let loose during three minutes of running trying to reach my son, it’s like a living nightmare.  Thank God it was just a tumble!

Except my husband got home just as I was trying to calm myself down which just revved me back up retelling the story (and holding the bloody clothes).  Then hubby  informed me that his scheduled hours got cut.

I learned that my husband smiles when he’s stressed.

And when he smiles, and is trying not to smile, I think he’s kidding.  And he wasn’t.  Bad emotional roller coaster.

I learned that a habit of being frugal is a good thing, and not having all your eggs in one basket is again… a good thing.

I RELEARNED this lesson.  After spending a HUGE chunk of time deepcleaning the house, we left for an evening meeting.  We got home and the kids let in our dog and the dog we were watching for the neighbor.

Muddy footprints were EVERYWHERE.  Except it wasn’t raining.  I found out that someone–who shall remain nameless– left the hose on in the backyard.

I renamed the yard Lake Muddy Pawprints.

I wasn’t feeling very creative at that moment.

But then I looked at these faces and I couldn’t be mad for long.

But in regards to this project, I learned that having something to look forward to as a family, even if you don’t feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch, is a very, very good thing.

Because we talked, we laughed, and a day gone perfectly wrong ended perfectly right.

The whole family learned that those people on the Popcorn Board know what they’re doing!  This recipe is called Ballpark Popcorn but I’m not sure why — I’ve never had caramel popcorn at a baseball game.  Yet, it’s much easier than any other caramel recipe — all you need is butter, brown sugar, and popcorn!  Ten minutes later you’re crunching with a glass of milk. Yum.

These seemingly silly activities and conversations we have each night have had a surprising effect — my children start talking about whatever the silly thing is and before you know it they’re telling you big parts of their day, their memories, and their feelings.  It works far better than me saying, “How was your day?” when they walk in the door.  Although, I’ll never stop doing that.

And, last, but not least. I learned that if my child has just received a glow in the dark retainer, I’ll be seeing a lot of this:

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    Just watched the video… cute idea!

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