What I’ve Learned–Week 9

I’ve learned that one of my favorite parts of my morning routine is waking up the kids.  I love walking into their quiet rooms and seeing them curled up and comfy with relaxed faces.  I love rubbing their backs and finger-combing their hair until they stretch and turn and give me a sleepy grin.

I love those sleepy grins.

Wish I could get a picture of those grins.  But even I can accept that no one wants to wake up to a camera in their face.

Mostly I fear retaliation.

That waking up a teenager is a whole different ballgame.

That I thrive on routine.  I learned that if I don’t have my normal routine, that I do pretty well if I have a rough sketch plan of the day—a framework to build on.

But that in the absence of both at a frequent rate that I have a hard time coping with stress.  Correction.  I don’t cope well at all.

That when friends are sharing about their own struggles or convictions, it often speaks directly to my heart.  Like when a friend shared the verse in Psalms 118, “This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it” and explained that it was about making a choice and not just hoping they’d suddenly feel glad or happy.  It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

That when you’ve pulled a muscle, tendon, or thingamajiggy in your neck and can’t turn your head a certain way, you WISH you could pinpoint the cause so that you’ll NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

That sometimes you just need some alone time and a good cry.

That laughter and hugs are always the best medicine (AFTER the good cry and alone time).

That when you’re too tired to come up with a family fun project, that your brilliant kids will come up with one for you.

The eyeball was Sam’s original creation, Katarina created a beach scene original, and Anabelle simply was self-proclaimed “Perler Bead Machine!”

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