What I’ve Learned — Weeks 14 &15

I’ve learned that I’ve got to be quick on the draw to catch any realistic photo moments.  I’ve got to get better at that, much better.  Notice how polite she looks after opening a present, when .005 seconds before she was like this:

I’ve learned that I must find out what they put in those stuffed animal toys made for dogs.

Cats, I understand, it’s catnip, but what about dogs?  Our dog, Sugar, knows she must stay away from the kids’ stuffed animals.

Although if the kids leave one on the ground, she has been known to slowly – ever so slowly – inch her way across the room until she’s snuggled up right against it.  But then she looks at you like, “What? I’m so bored.  I would never touch this animal.”

Then she slowly leans her head down and acts like she’s asleep for a few seconds, then moves her right front leg up and over her nose, then tucks her head down, like she’s cold, when really she’s now got her mouth on the stuffed animal and trying to take a bite.

You call her name and she jerks upright.  I promise you she looks guilty.  Oh, she knows.

But when she received a stuffed animal clearly made for a dog with tug-of-war ropes coming out of it, she was unashamed.  She knew it was for her enjoyment.  But how?

She had all the stuffing out in 15 minutes.  Aren’t dog toys supposed to last longer than that?  The kids kept gathering the stuffing, re-stuffing the toy, and watching the dog rip it out, as if working on a timed record to see how fast she could do it.

Yet, this dog, whom we are dog-sitting, takes her time.

But that could be because she keeps pausing on her treat to see if she can steal Sugar’s treats, or the kids treats, or any food that might be dropped in the kitchen.  She seems half-hearted in her chewing, because she’s always got her eyes on everyone else — looking for the next thing.

Believe it or not, there’s a lesson in there for me.  To savor and yet be content in what I have.

All right, fine.  I just thought of that. I’m not really that reflective on dog treats.

I’ve learned, over the last 2 weeks of break, that my kids laugh… a lot.  And loudly.  And I love the sound, as long as I’ve gotten some quiet during the day too.

That these tea tags really do rock! It’s my favorite family fun idea this month (thanks Frugal Family Fun!).  And in honor of Tea month, I’m encouraging you to try it! It’s so fun!

First the collage of funny poses:

Then cut them out making them this:

But most of all, I’ve learned these last two weeks, that holiday break goes by so quickly, and yet by the time it was done we were all (and by all I mean the parents) craving our routines again.

But I’m always a touch sad to see them go.

1 comment to What I’ve Learned — Weeks 14 &15

  • Rebecca Burgener

    Those perfect picture moments are why I would consider having a camera installed in my eye. With a wink the moment would be captured in digital.

    The tea tags would be an awesome personalized gift.

    Your dog sounds like ours. He’s quite young though.

    I would cry after Christmas break each year, but my kids are homeschooled so I don’t have to watch them go.

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