What I’ve Learned –Weeks 6 & 7

It’s been a wild ride these last two weeks!

Trick or treat was a blast! When it happened… You see, I’ve learned when you move to a new place, some towns are better than others in informing the residents on what traditions the town observes and how. In this town we were told that since Halloween fell on a Sunday that our particular suburb would be trick or treating on Saturday instead.

We were misinformed.

Turned out to be a great rehearsal though! Yes, the kids were bummed. But we ended up watching a Harry Potter movie (great Halloween movie).

I’ve learned that once we open the doors to really discussing the Bible, character traits, and challenges in life, that the kids often take the lead. They notice things. Like how Harry might get mad and feel certain ways, but he still (often) does the right thing. I could do a whole post on the discussions, so I’ll move on.

Yay for Sunday! It’s the real thing. And we were the first ones on the street. At 6 p.m. sharp.

Meet Queen Kitty, Dark-Fairy-Bat(Still wasn’t clear which she had chosen), and Ninja.

After watching Harry Potter, Mike decided to dress up as Sirius (Padfoot). We thought his costume was pretty good but wished we could get the fur looking shaggier.

Anabelle loved her glow in the dark wand.

Enough pictures, Mom! Onward!

It’s safe to say that for trick or treating, subdivisions rock the most! If they hadn’t gotten tired, if their bags hadn’t gotten too heavy to carry, then they could’ve raked in much, much, much, more. It was wild.  I ran out of candy before 8 p.m. and had to turn off the porch light!

Have you heard of the Buy Back Candy Program?  If you click on the link, you’ll most likely find a dentist near you that will buy back their candy for a dollar a pound.  Then the candy is shipped overseas to troops.

I told the kids about it, in case they wanted to participate. Sam, who usually is ready to participate in anything that makes money, looked thoughtfully at his loot.  “They shouldn’t be eating candy anyway,” he murmured.

I let them each have just a few pieces and then store it away. I can trust Sam and Katarina to put it away in a place of their choosing.  Anabelle would’ve ate the whole thing in one sitting–as her mom and dad probably would’ve too at her age.  So we’ve got it chained with a padlock.  So mom and dad won’t eat it either.

The neighbor has the combination. ( :

What else did I learn the last two weeks?

That my kids are hilarious. Wait, I already knew that. That the kids pick up the slack when I forget.  For instance, I forgot that yesterday was National Knock Knock Day. They didn’t.

Shortly after I woke up, Anabelle said, “knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Isabelle who?”

“Is a bell REALLY necessary on a bike?”   Then she laughed hysterically.

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