What’s In the Bible: Battle for the Promised Land (A Review From Anabelle)

Saying that Phil Vischer is a household name is the literal truth at our place.  Before kids were even part of the picture, Mike asked for a copy of David and the Giant Pickle for Christmas… because we found Veggie Tales hilarious, insightful, and just plain entertaining.  Fast forward 15 years…

We have three brilliant and creative children that quite frankly don’t get much out of sunday school.  They’ve heard the same stories over and over and *yawn* don’t get why they’re in the Bible, etc.

Mike and I had been mulling over this problem for quite some time, and decided that the kids needed a more interactive venue to learn about the Bible. And, in fact, that we were commissioned to do just that with them as their parents.  It was the very week that we decided that we would go through the Bible as a family that Tyndale Publishers allowed me to be part of the Whats In The Bible: Battle of the Promised Land DVD blog tour!

DVD #4 covers Joshua, Judges and Ruth.  But before I say more, I will let Anabelle, our six year old, give her take on the DVD in her own words. Please note that for time sake, I had to edit some:

She pretty much said it all.

Sam added that he learned a lot, and that Pastor Paul (a puppet character) looked like Snape and he loved that.

Everyone in the family picks Buck Denver, the news anchor that facilitates the show, as our favorite character. And for adults, there are two older ladies watching the entire show that will remind you of the elderly critics in the Muppet Show.  By and large, we love that it answered HARD questions, and, as Sam said, “makes the interesting parts even more interesting.”

Verdict:  We will be starting the series over and learning about every book of the Bible and how it all comes together as part of God’s great rescue plan for us. It’s a keeper!

***Giveaway Results: As promised, I’m giving away one free copy of this DVD.  Thanks to a random generator, I entered the comments from this post, and Paula is the winner! Paula, an email requesting your address is on the way.   Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting!!!

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