Why I Believe In Boredom

There haven’t been very many specific bizarre holidays to celebrate lately, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t still been celebrating.  It just means I haven’t been posting as much.

One of the good and bad parts of this little experiment we’ve been doing is that I often have some idea or plan for the family.

This is good because:

a)      We’ve been having a lot of fun.

b)      It’s teaching the kids to find the celebratory in the ordinary

c)       Our family has grown closer

d)      Purposefulness in whatever we do has become a priority

The downside:

The kids begin to expect that I’ll have something planned.

But when I plan for boredom – and yes, I believe in planning for times of NOTHING, ‘something’ has started to happen.

Those spaces of nothingness, those spaces when I say, “It’s time for YOU to come up with something to do” have shown that the good parts of the experiment are multiplying.

This week when I planned for boredom, the following happened:

Anabelle decided she wanted to write and illustrate a story to submit for a contest.

Sam decided to do some disgusting science experiments regarding flatulence (it involved yeast, but I think this is all part of his plan to develop sound-proof underpants) and figured out how to play the Bowser Inside Story theme song on the piano.

Katarina figured out how to play the theme song from the Pixar movie, “Up” and then brainstormed on how one of her essays from school could be made palatable to the public.

All three of them planned a family fun afternoon where kids vs. adults played an ultimate game of Hide & Seek.  What a fun time!

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