Why Women Need Fat

I know it’s only January, and not even the middle of January, but I will say this:  I know “Why Women Need Fat” will still be on my personal list of Best Books I Read in 2012 in December.  And I read all the time, so I’m saying, “It’s that good.”  And I will be encouraging every woman I know to read it.

Why?  Because you learn so much about how your own body works in regards to how the body prepares that DHA for breastmilk. And I don’t care if you are done having children or don’t plan to have any, it makes a huge difference.  You will also gain an immense knowledge of what truly causes heart disease and what is false information circling around.

I consider myself a very educated woman in matters of health but throughout the book I kept saying aloud, “Nah AH!” in surprise.  The history combined with extensive research in why Americans are, well, fat makes utter surprising sense … and I can almost guarantee you the answer will surprise you.

The first 20-some pages, I will grant, are kind of boring.  Though, they are good writers.  By page 30, you’ll be hooked.  At least I was.  Because it lines up with a lot of other things I’ve been learning about how what our animals eat–the ones we eventually eat–really does affect us.  How organic choices and taking away the chemical processes our food goes through will make a phenomenal difference in our health.

So what am I doing different after reading this book?  I’m confidently making sure my family takes enough fish oil and vitamin D3.  I am paying the extra (I still cringe at how much extra) to ensure we eat grass-fed chicken eggs , grass-fed beef and wild fish.  No more corn-fed!

I will be staying away from corn-oil and soybean-oil.  I will make my own breads and pastries so I can avoid the non-food, chemical products called oils being used, and if I don’t have time I will use sprouted grain breads.   There’s more but essentially I’m getting back to what my body needs, which is more omega-3 and less omega-6 (which actually hinders the good omega-3).

I’m confident my body and my daughters’ health will benefit from this book.  I’m sure our taste buds will be thanking us too . . . eventually.  They’ll be mad for awhile when the chips disappear, but I don’t think they’ll be complaining about the dark chocolate mousse after dinner.  Read the book. You’ll see.

Feel free to join me at the Blog Her Book Club Discussion.  We’ll be talking about this book for the next few weeks.

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  • Anna @ hiddenponies

    I agree, I thought I knew a decent amount about health and this book had me surprised and left me more educated – love that!

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