Wonderful Weirdo Day!

My kids love this day!  The Wellcat Company is credited for inventing this day and getting it recognized as a holiday by newspapers and calendar publications.  Intended to celebrate out of the box thinkers, inventors, and those with intense imaginations, it all boils down to having the excuse to say, as Wellcat instructs, “I love you, you weirdo!”

This morning my kids started the day giggling and exclaiming their love for one another… and their parents, all while being allowed to call each other weirdo.

I do, however, recommend cautioning your children not to use this at school.  “You’ll still get in trouble at school calling people weirdos, even if you mean it in the nicest way.”

They left on their scooters giggling.  Maybe I should’ve waited until dinner time to tell them. Hmmm…..

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