World Water Day

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I love water.

I can’t imagine not drinking at least 8 glasses of the stuff (usually more) a day.  I can’t imagine my children not being able to just go to the kitchen to get some. Or just go to the water fountain at school.

I love that they are such good hand washers that I don’t have to remind them to wash their hands before they eat, or before a snack when they’ve just come home from school.  My eldest daughter knows the joys of a long hot shower (often with me pounding on the bathroom door after fifteen minutes hollering, “That’s enough!”)

Yet today is World Water Day, and according to Compassion International over 3.5 million people die from water-related disease.  Even more heart-breaking is that 84 percent are children.

The link shows an article detailing many organizations and ways to help.  Which I’m thankful for — which brings me to today.  I want my children to be aware that running water is something to be thankful for, and to grow up knowing that they aren’t entitled to running water, they are BLESSED with it.

I have a friend who organized a walk for water.  Ever since I read about this group walking 2 miles to get a bucketful of water at the closest creek, I thought this would be an absolutely awesome family activity.

And even if you can’t get to a creek with your family, if it inspires you, you could plan with a friend and walk your buckets to that person’s house (with their permission obviously) and fill the bucket with their bathtub faucet.  Ask the kids to imagine that it’s a village well.  Walk all the way home trying not to let it slosh out of the bucket.  Then let your kids know that one person in America typically uses 90 gallons of water a day (showers, laundry, etc.).


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  • Joan

    If you remember, we saw young women walking with jars on their heads in Kenya, for that very purpose. We are truly blessed.

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