Yo-Yos, Basketball, and Ice Cream

The last day of the school year is tomorrow. And it’s only a half-day so I’ve got to get my game on now! I read about a mom who put a banner that read something along the lines of “Welcome to Summer Break!” in front of the door that the kids had to run through to get inside. That sounds like a fun way to start summer vacation!

This weekend as we were teaching Anabelle to ride a bike, I realized that my children don’t know what the game of HORSE is! So, I threw a basketball in our pack and we tried it out at the park. I’d like our summer to have plenty of these type of moments – where we try new things out!

Today is national ice cream day.

Pretty easy to know what to do with this day!

Another thing my children don’t know how to do well — yo-yo, and it’s national yo-yo day!

Since I’ve never mastered even the simple up & down, but I’ve always wanted to, I thought the kids & I could work on this together tonight. So, I found this video of yo-yo tricks. I’m thinking if we work hard we can master this tonight. Whaddya think?
If we’re all black and blue tomorrow, you’ll know why.

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